Experiential Marketing & Event Staffing

Experiential Marketing & Event Staffing

The primary purpose of an Experiential Marketing campaign is to “tell the story of your company” and to allow consumers the opportunity to “experience” your brand. The Event Marketing Institute reports that customers are 96% more likely to purchase a product after participating in a live branded event and 74% will have a more positive impression of the brand. Simply put, Experiential Events produce more sales and increase brand loyalty. Our agency specializes in experiential events, creating memorable and emotional relationships between consumer and brand. To enhance your events, Ottley Media has a nationwide network of the most refined and reputable event staff. Our Event Staff represents your brand with class & professionalism, educating consumers & promoting sales.

Experiential Marketing:

  • Auto Shows, Concerts, Festivals & Sporting Events
  • Guerrilla Marketing & Street Teams
  • In-Store Demonstrations & Beer/Liquor/Wine Tastings
  • Trade Shows, Corporate Events, Mobile Tours & Roadshows

Nationwide Event Staffing:

  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Crowd Gatherers/Emcees
  • Product Demonstrators
  • Promotional Models
  • Event Managers